The Bat Scout


I. Senses: Listen and Smell
II. Habitat: Forest
III. Diet: Carnivore
IV. Weapons: Claws and Teeth
V. Race Skills: Climbing, Searching, Weather Sense
VI. Race Gifts: Echolocation, Flight, Prehensile Feet
VII. Career Skills: Endurance, Observation, Stealth
VIII. Career Gifts: Dead Reckoning (Bonus d12 land navigation), Hiking, Resolve
IX. Inventory: Composite Bow, 12 Barbed Arrows, 24 Standard Arrows, Quiver, Gloves, Shortsword
X. Gifts
· Geography: Bonus d12 to Know Places and People
· Literacy: Read and write
· Archer’s Trappings
I. Traits
· Body d4
· Mind d6
· Speed d8
· Will d6
· Species d6
· Career d8
II. Personality: Curious d6
III. Mark
· Dodge d6
· Ranged Combat d8
· Observation d6
· Stealth d6
· Presence d6
· Searching d6



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