The Goat Taoist Wizard


I. Senses: Listen and Spot
II. Habitat: Mountains
III. Diet: Herbivore
IV. Weapons: Hooves and Horns
V. Race Skills: Climbing, Endurance, Jumping
VI. Race Gifts: Charging Strike, Increased Will, Surefooted
VII. Career Skills: Academics, Dodge, Supernatural
VIII. Career Gifts: Taoist Trappings, Taoist Apprentice
IX. Inventory: Mo Kun (Wand), Tin Rod (Metal Staff with 5 rings), Taijitu (Talisman), Huang (Robe Earth, Yellow)
X. Gifts
· Dramatic Disheveling: +1 Mark in Presence, Negate hit per chapter
· Mountain Hexadram Magic: Ability to cast Crush the Mountain Revels, Entice the foes to Leave the Mountains Lair, Loftly Path of Precipitousness, and A World of Ice and Hail.
· Magic Save: Negate one magical attack
I. Traits
· Body d4
· Mind d8
· Speed d6
· Will d10
· Species d6
· Career d6
II. Personality: Stubborn d6
III. Mark
· Academics d4
· Dodge d8
· Inquiry d6
· Stealth d4
· Negotiation d6
· Tactics d6
· Supernatural d8, d6
· Climbing d6
· Endurance d6
· Jumping d6
· Presence d4



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